What to Include in an Airbnb Welcome Book

Airbnb welcome book

One of the best ways to ensure that your inbox is not filled with guest inquiries is to create and provide your guests with an extensive and comprehensive Airbnb welcome book. This document should provide guests with a full overview of the space and the amenities that are available to them, as well as any policies, procedures, or additional information that they may need to know during their stay. By providing detailed and accurate information, you can help to make the stay of your guests as hassle-free and seamless as possible.

Ensure that your welcome book for guests contains the following basic information, and consider the questions below when crafting your own:

  1. Welcome message. Welcome your guests to your home and include any information about you or the house they might find interesting. Is your rental sustainable? Is it on a farm? Tell guests what this means for them as far as interacting with animals. Are there hiking trails on the property? Include any and all details about features that make your property unique. Don’t forget to thank them for visiting!
  2. Address/location. Include any specific directions or landmarks to look for if your rental is difficult to find.
  3. Parking. Be sure to include where they should park and any garage codes. If the parking spot is a bit of a walk from the unit, provide directions they can follow to get from the parking spot to the door of the unit. Photos of complicated parking situations are always helpful!
  4. Check in and out. Tell guests what time check in and out is and be sure to include any closing procedures such as running the dishwasher, turning off lights, stripping the bed, taking out the trash etc.
  5. Television and Wifi. What is the wifi network and password? Where in the house can they locate this information if they need it during their stay? If you have streaming accounts (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) do you want to remind guests to sign out of their accounts before leaving? How do you turn the TV on?
  6. Extras. Where do you keep extra linens? Is there an inflatable mattress? If so, where? Where are extra supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, soap, etc. located should guests run out during their stay?
  7. Other Things. Is there anything else your guest needs to know to have a worry-free visit? If you have a pull-out bed that’s a little complicated to use, include step by step instructions for them in the welcome book. If your neighborhood requires trash be taken out a certain day of the week, write this information here so that your guests know to bring the can to the curb during their stay. If you provide a grill, hot tub, fire pit, or other nice amenities, make sure to include information about how to use each.
  8. Above and Beyond. Include any information about local tourism, attractions, best places to eat, visit, etc.

Some hosts prefer to provide their welcome book digitally on their listing, while others print it out and have it waiting for guests when they arrive. We suggest doing both. A digital copy allows guests to sift through before they arrive and a physical copy ensures they can refer to it conveniently throughout their stay.

A lot of property management software companies like Lodgify and Hostfully give hosts the ability to create guide books digitally which can be sent to guests automatically upon booking. Programs like Canva and Visme are great for those wanting to create and design their own.

Here is an example template that’s available right now on Canva…

By providing your guests with a comprehensive and detailed Airbnb welcome book, you can ensure a seamless stay for them while also saving yourself time and effort. This will ensure that all their questions are answered and you will not have to answer the same queries multiple times.

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