The New HostGPO

The New HostGPO

While we are calling it the “new HostGPO”, no reason to sound the alarm–we are still the same HostGPO we’ve always been, just with a new look and feel.

As a company, we’ve always had a strong internal ethos. We have committed to securing the guaranteed best discounts in our industry, but, more importantly, we want to help you grow your business as a business.

To us, it’s not just about finding the best tea kettle for your properties, it’s about helping turn your three units into a company with 10 units, taking those 500 properties you manage and turning that into 2,000, increasing your profits by BOTH helping increase you revenue with better stays and decreasing your cost by saving you time and money..

The New HostGPO Website
The New HostGPO

While GPO is in our title, we are more than just a group purchasing organization, we are an STR solution and a community of hosts that enables you to take your business from point A to point B.

Our “new HostGPO” is actually the first step in us bringing what we have on the inside and reflecting it on the outside.

One of the most visual ways we are expressing this is through our new icon, the HostGPO home. It’s not just a single home, it’s a home composed of other homes. This represents us a community of hosts that was created by hosts, but also represents the growth in our and your businesses.

Additionally, our focus is on creating a B2B solutions oriented look and feel. While you can still create beautifully designed properties through our partners, we want our members and prospective members to know that we will help them grow their business as a whole and not just help them find the right decor.

The New Portal

And last, but not least, we rehauled our member portal experience to make it easier to shop for goods and services and also track orders and manage inventory. Our current portal is the framework on which we will continue to build out new features and add new partners that will help our members of all sizes save time and money.
We’ve worked hard on these updates, but we know we can always improve. We invite you to experience the new HostGPO and let us know what you think.

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