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host2host member meet up

Much like HostGPO, Host2Host is the first of its kind. Founder Debi Hertert saw that there were no support groups for the single host. That is why she created Host2Host: to share information, best practices, etc. to help develop the expertise and voice of single STR owners who might not even realize they have entered a new profession. This includes all the single home-sharing hosts with one bedroom, the hosts with an ADU downstairs or in the backyard, and the hosts who offer an entire home vacation rental.They also welcomed property managers and businesses who offered services to the hosting community.

Helping others. That’s what they do best.

In the beginning in 2014, Host2Host was a simple meet-up group, offering local hosts a chance to get to know each other and build community. As it grew, they realized there was a wide variety of expertise and wisdom that could be shared from host to host (get it?). By 2017, they were incorporated.

Host2Host group education event

Pre-COVID, Host2Host had in person meet-ups. Since 2014, they have held over 85 educational events, meet-ups and 50 virtual host coffees. Today they continue to provide connection and conversation through their two Facebook groups: “Host2Host – Coast to Coast” and the “Host2Host Members Only” group. This year alone they have started a new COVID friendly form of meet-up, which features business sponsored presentations by affiliates serving the industry.

Education. Advocacy. Community.

Host2Host give testimony

Being recognized by the City Council of Portland, Oregon, Host2Host representatives have been asked to give testimony at hearings and to review draft regulations. Along with this they hold a board position with Travel Portland, the DMMO (Destination Management and Marketing Organization). Host2Host works to protect and enhance the interests of the home sharing host community. They advocate for common sense regulation and taxation within the communities they are proud to call home.

As an individual host, they give you a voice that is being heard around the world. is delighted to accept new members. Please feel free to browse their website at Subscribe to their newsletter. Join their community!

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