Need it now: How last-minute delivery can supercharge your short-term rental


As vacation rental owners and managers, you’re constantly juggling different responsibilities to create unforgettable stays. Enter last-minute delivery–this service can swoop in to help you save the day for your guests, streamline your operations, and increase your revenue streams.

Here’s how you can use delivery to take your property to the next level:

Enhance your guest experience with upsells


Offer guests the unique convenience of having their groceries delivered or their fridge stocked even before they arrive. Imagine the delight of a guest who, after a long journey, walks into a rental with a fully stocked fridge, tailored to their preferences. 

This service can also be extended to guests who have already checked in, with the option of having groceries delivered within an hour. You can significantly enhance your guest experience by providing this personalized, hotel-like service, and, by adding a small fee, you can open up a new revenue stream and increase profits.

Make your supply restocking more efficient

Keeping a short-term rental fully stocked with supplies can be a logistical nightmare, especially during peak seasons. Last-minute delivery services enable you to replenish supplies rapidly, eliminating the need for multiple trips to restock manually. 

This is particularly beneficial for operators without a central warehouse or delivery point, as housekeeping or operations personnel can receive the items directly at the property. This not only saves time but also ensures that the units are always well-stocked and ready for guests.

Respond instantly to guests’ needs

Regardless of the size of your portfolio or the complexity of your operations, there will always be instances where a guest needs items like fans, extra pillows, a plunger, batteries, or even a universal remote. With traditional methods, fulfilling these requests could involve a time-consuming trip to the store, followed by delivery to the property. 

However, with last-minute delivery services, you can send these items to the guest within an hour or two. This rapid response not only saves your team valuable time and resources but also significantly increases guest satisfaction. A quick response to a guest’s needs can make the difference between a good review and a great one, boosting your overall ratings and response rates.

Create surprise and delight opportunities

We’ve all encountered situations where things didn’t go as planned with a guest. Perhaps a unit wasn’t ready on time, or a guest required extra attention. In such cases, a thoughtful gesture, like sending a fun gift (cookies, drinks, etc.) directly to the property, can go a long way in smoothing things over. This not only shows the guest that you care about their experience but also turns a potentially negative situation into a positive one. It’s these small touches that guests remember and share, leading to positive word-of-mouth and repeat bookings.

It’s for these reasons that all of us hosts at HostGPO consider last-minute delivery a game changer–it enables us to offer the concierge services of a luxury hotel, keep up with our inventory, and helps us meet and exceed our guest’s expectations.

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