Member Spotlight: Stephanie Roles, Owner of Roblin’s Rest

Stephanie Roles
Stephanie Roles, Owner of Roblin’s Rest

Located in Ontario, Canada is Roblin’s Rest; a stunning home with three spacious bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, front sunroom, living room and full dining room. It’s steps away from Mill Pond walking trails, local museums and a great quiet public beach at Roblin’s Lake. Having been in the short term rental business for 15 years, this is nothing new to Stephanie. She states that she has, “always rented out our family cottage otherwise from before Airbnb was a big thing. I also worked in luxury global travel when the pandemic hit, so I pivoted to a local approach and bought this property.” Using HostGPO’s RugsUSA Discount Program, Stephanie has brought new life into Roblin’s Rest.

Bedroom at Roblin’s Rest

When asked what she finds the most rewarding about her career, she says it is the fact that she gets to meet so many amazing families along the way. Many vacation rental hosts can resonate with that statement because there are so many amazing people out there that we get to connect with. This is why Stephanie poured her heart and soul into Roblin’s Rest (@RoblinsRest on Instagram) the last nine months. She of course has had some weird moments (which hosts haven’t?), saying, “Nothing crazy [has happened], I just find people do weird things with furniture… are they playing musical chairs?” Sometimes as hosts we just gotta laugh. 😂

HostGPO RugsUSA rug in dining room at Roblin's Rest
Rug purchased through HostGPO RugsUSA Discount Program

When asked what pro-tip Stephanie would pass onto the community, she says to, “Always go above and beyond to add personal touches for each guest. Special occasions, thank you notes, welcome packages curated to the type of guest.” This is so important to do as a host. It will help boost your listing by helping to secure a 5-star review!

When it comes to HostGPO, Stephanie says it has been a great opportunity, “especially now that I have a second property also I’m managing.” Our goal is to make your life easier by being a one stop shop for all things STR. We hope our member spotlight of Stephanie today inspires and adds to that sense of community we so desperately need now a days.

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