Member Spotlight: Native Host

Having only been in the STR industry for about a year, HostGPO Member and owner of the, Jacob, has jumped right in and is absolutely killing it. He actually started by accident! Having recently staged a house that he owns, he decided it was too good NOT to list it on the OTA’s. Using HostGPO’s Brooklinen & Public Good’s Discount Programs, Jacob has elevated all of his STR’s vibes and looks.

When asked what Jacob found to be the most rewarding part of his career he stated, “The ability to provide a place for people to create experiences and moments they will remember for a lifetime.” This sentiment is echoed by many hosts and is one of the best parts of hosting. It actually comes up in almost every member spotlight as to why people love hosting. Being able to have such a rewarding career that provides and allows you to meet new people along the way is more than most would ever ask for. In this same line of questioning, we had to know what his craziest story from hosting is, to which they said, “Police calling at 2 AM saying they’re breaking up a party of 35+ underage kids at one of our properties!” I think we have all been there! Especially being in the midst of summer. Definitely time for us to be checking those cameras often!

On to pro-tips! We asked the Native Host for a “pro-tip” he’d be willing to pass on to the community is and he did not disappoint! “Never forget that your linens are an investment in your property. We are firm believers in high quality linens that hold up over time.” Purchasing durable linens means less hassle for the Host. By purchasing Brooklinen there are no more last minute replacements and waiting for big sale days to purchase. Stock up and know that you are set for multiple washes and turnovers!

The most recent brand he has purchased from is Public Goods, which we know elevates any space.

When it comes to HostGPO, Jacob says, “The ability to streamline our setup process by ordering tried and true products at a discounted price has been the biggest reason I’d suggest people to become a member.” That has always been our main goal: to streamline the Host buying process. We hope our member spotlight of Jacob, aka the Native Host, inspires our other members to choose quality and make their STR’s the best they can be.

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