CNN Coverage of AirBNB Covid Cancellation Policy

airbnb cancellation policy

On CNN Travel, Jen Rose Smith was among the first to explore the impact AirBNB’s changes to its extenuating circumstances policy was having on hosts and referenced HostGPO’s open letter urging AirBNB to respect host’s cancellation policies.

Below is an excerpt, click here to read the full article:

Thousands of Airbnb hosts across the globe are coping with lost income … In some cases, the 50% deposits paid by guests to Airbnb (which holds deposits until 24 hours after check-in) might be hundreds or even thousands of dollars, money that hosts won’t ever get when travelers cancel their bookings — whether or not they’re in an area already severely impacted by coronavirus. (The CDC’s Global Outbreak Notice notes that sustained community spread of coronavirus is occurring globally.)

On March 14th, the short-term vacation rental group purchasing organization Host GPO posted an open letter to Airbnb about the new refund policy.

“Extending refunds to practically everyone through April 1st,” they write, “will be absolutely devastating to hosts.” Arguing that the decision is a break with company policy, the letter asks that Airbnb reconsider.

“To prevent hosts from losing their livelihoods, it’s important to make sure that hosts survive the unprecedented onslaught of cancellations.”

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