One DIY Photography Tip to Make Your AirBNB Photos Pop!

Do it yourself airbnb photography

Everyone knows that when it comes to short-term rentals, the better the picture, the more bookings. While hiring a professional photographer is highly encouraged, sometimes doing it yourself is more practical. With this one easy tip, you can take photos like a professional!

Professional photographers know good lighting. They even use a tool called a light meter to measure light before taking a picture. They also know how to “bounce” light to make a picture more flooded with light. “Bouncing” light refers to reflecting light off a white or silver sheet to make the picture more filled out with light, and less shadowy. So how can you do this on your own? You just need a friend, a camera, and a plain white sheet!

  1. To start, you’ll want to take note of what direction the light is coming from in the room. This step is crucial to getting the right angle, and the perfect picture. It’s best when the light is coming from behind the subject, through a window or from a spotlight.
  2. Next, have your friend hold the sheet directly opposite the source of the light. so that the light reflects off the sheet and bounces back, lighting the subject in “soft light.” If the sun is coming in at an angle, aim the sheet to reflect the most light possible.
  3. Once you have the sheet at the perfect angle to flood the room with light, snap your picture– Voilá! A simple trick to make your pictures look more professional, without spending money on a professional photographer!

Check out this diagram drawn by a professional photographer/cinematographer on how to bounce light properly!

professional photography diagram

Bouncing light with one sheet of paper is a great way to get that “detail shot” showing off a specific feature of your home – like your coffee table or a welcome bottle of wine you may leave for guests. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can tape several sheets together to try and bounce light into a whole room for a larger photo! Feel free to send us a photograph where you have bounced light in your Airbnb and we will feature it on our Instagram

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